Like apples and sugar to cook a real dessert. Recipe for homemade marshmallows, like "Sharmel"


The recipe of this dessert came back in 1929 with the formation of the factory "Udarnitsa". Surely you have tried marshmallows, which are now sold under the brand name "Sharmel". Recipe for just such pastes, I want to share with you today.

I cook candy in autumn, when dumped a huge amount of apples on me. I mostly processed into puree and freeze, and the part immediately shoot to prepare pastes.

The beauty of pastes is that it consists of simple products that can be bought in stores. And candy has a long shelf life, even though I have a long time she did not zalozhivaetsya.

Cooking method

How to cook applesauce

I'll tell you, as I usually do applesauce, but you can use any way you want.

First I halved apples bake oven in about 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 190 ° C. Then wipe through the machine to clean the berries and fruits. To puree was a homogeneous, knocking it further immersion blender. Mashed potatoes ready.

How to Beat applesauce for pastes

Applesauce whip a few minutes before lightening and increase in volume. Without stopping the mixer, I add protein and sugar and continue beating about 7-8 minutes.

You need to supply increased in volume by 2 times, and sugar should dissolve completely. Turn mixer and proceed to a syrup preparation.

How to cook the sugar syrup for pastes

All the ingredients for the syrup send in a saucepan and set it over medium heat. The mass should be brought to a temperature of 108 ° C, but what if you do not have a thermometer?

The solution is simple, you need to boil down the syrup to a thickness so that it flowed in a thin stream.

Once the syrup has reached readiness, I turn on the blender with apple-protein mass and add the syrup in a thin stream. It's best to pour the syrup over the edge, otherwise it goes to the beaters and flying all over the kitchen.

Whip and syrup to mass density, but wherein the mass to remain viscous and easy to wash.

The resulting mass is poured into the form I have this frame of 30 to 30 cm. You can use a baking dish in advance obtyanuv it with cling film. Leaving candy stabilize at room temperature for 3-4 hours.

How to dry fruit candy

After the candy has stabilized and dried up, I pull it from the mold and cut into pieces. I cut into rectangles, which are similar in size to the store's candy.

Each piece is rolled in powdered sugar, spread on a baking sheet, the laid parchment, and sent to a drying oven. Land approximately 2-3 hours at a temperature of 50-70 ° C with convection mode enabled. Every 30-40 minutes, flip the candy.

When the paste to each face is covered with a crust - pasta is ready. After drying, I leave it overnight to cool and stabilize.

How to store candy

I keep the candy in a dry, airtight container 2 months quietly, over time it will begin to gradually dry out the inside.

I recently told me how to cook marshmallows on an old recipe that I got read here.

By the way, what do you like candy "Arsenyevsky" or "Sharmel"?
Here is a candy I got
Here is a candy I got
Here is a candy I got
Here is a candy I got


Apple sauce 400g
Sugar 400g
Egg whites 15 grams (about half an egg)
for the syrup
Sugar 240 gr
Water 100g
Agar 8 g

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