Recipe for jam from the notebook Mom. She calls him "Cherry royally"


When cherries are many, not the strength to bother with removing bones. I decided to make jam that mom cooked all my childhood.

Here is a jam from cherries with pits I got
Here is a jam from cherries with pits I got

The recipe of this jam I found in a notebook her mother. In this book she writes only those recipes that I share with her friends and colleagues. All recipes are collected from reliable sources, and repeatedly checked on life experience.

Even on the first pages I came across a recipe for cherry jam. Just I remembered how his mom was cooking in my childhood. As we brothers were forbidden to eat it until it cooled off in the kitchen in a huge basin.

The recipe came in handy, as the house was waiting for me 10 kg of cherries that I bought from the greed of the wholesale market.

I will not delay the entry, let's cook!

Cooking method

1 kg of cherries
1 kg of sugar
200 g water


The pan pour about 700 grams of sugar and water. A syrup bring to the boil and give Cook 2-3 minutes. Until the syrup begins to boil, prepare cherries. The berries are washed, I remove the branches and give to drain the water.

Cherry I shift into a pot for boiling and pour hot syrup. I leave for the night (12 hours) to give fruit juice.


Morning, I add the remaining sugar and put on fire.

During cooking, do not forget to remove the foam
During cooking, do not forget to remove the foam

After boiling, boil 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and give to cool completely. Then repeat the process 2 more times.

In the book my mother had written that it is necessary to jam each time to leave for 12 hours. I sense in it do not see, so cooked as soon as all cool.

I'm not special in a jam, if you know why you need to leave at 12 o'clock - write in the comments.

Jam of cherries with pits
Jam of cherries with pits


After the third start cooking immediately pour the jam to sterilized jars. I try to spread the berries and juice evenly to each bank and was syrup and berries.

Save yourself the wall so as not to lose!

On a note:

If in the process of cooking appears foam, remove it mercilessly.
3 method sterilized cans
Jam of cherry without the long cooking and with a minimum of sugar

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