What is a jam, and why he love the French. Recipe for jam from peaches


What distinguishes the French jam and why it should be prepared.

Peach jam turns fragrant taste and preserves
Peach jam turns fragrant taste and preserves

Friend of my wife, who lives in France, found out about my blog and decided to share the recipe. Her mother-in-radical French and all life in the summer makes harvesting a delicious jam.

I got the recipe for jam from peaches. Jams - this is our analogue jam. It consists of pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. From our jam is different in that most of it is cooked on pectin or agar-agar, which speeds up the cooking process.

Due to the short cooking berries / fruit retain their real taste. Also jam has a bright flavor of the fruit, from which it is welded. Marmalade is always very dense, thus it is convenient to spread on bread.

Cooking method


1.3 kg of ripe peaches, pitted
1.3 kg of sugar
100 g water
40 g agar

Peaches cut into medium-sized cubes. In the original advised 1 peach cut into 16 pieces (each quarter-cut into 4 pieces).

I'm your peach peel
I'm your peach peel

Shifts into the pot, add water and sent to a medium heat languish under the lid closed for 10 minutes.

Agar-agar is mixed with 4 tablespoons of sugar. When 10 minutes have passed, peaches should give enough juice. I underripe peaches were, and I added another 100 g of boiling water.

Peaches for this recipe should be ripe and juicy, or else have to be diluted with water.

Pour a mixture of agar and sugar "rain", stirring constantly. Continuing to stir, cook for 3 minutes. Weight should start to thicken.

Pour the remaining sugar, stirred to homogeneity and bring to boil. After boiling boil 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Peach jam during cooking
Peach jam during cooking

Prepare jars

French banks to jam my grandmother does not sterilize. Just wash and dry it thoroughly. But also paves the jar of a special "plastic spacer" between the cover, they are sold in stores for blanks.

I have never seen such, so sliced ​​paper parchment for baking.

Here's a jam from peaches I turned
Here's a jam from peaches I turned

spills jam

Once the jam is ready, I spill it in banks. It is not necessary to wait until it cools down, so as agar-agar gelling starts already at 40-50 degrees.

Jars of jam I cover with parchment and capped. After complete cooling can be supplied to the table.

Why it is necessary to prepare marmalade

Retains the flavor of berries / fruits

You can not sterilize the jars

Stored without refrigeration

It does not require long cooking

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