Trying to prepare ice cream for the Soviet guests


Remember the taste of ice cream, which you ate in your childhood? Today will tell you how to cook it at home.

My parents told me that in the USSR, creamy ice cream was worth 19 cents, and a glass of milk - 9 cents. All the ice cream then made from natural ingredients. I would love to try the ice cream thing. Even though I was born in the USSR, but his first ice cream I have tasted in Russia.

Therefore, to find the legendary taste of ice cream, I decided myself to cook it at home.

All the ingredients necessary for the preparation of ice-cream according to GOST, you will find at the end of the article. Enjoy reading!

Cooking method

In a saucepan send milk, sugar, a pinch of salt and put to heat until sugar is dissolved. It is important not to boil the liquid, namely, slightly warm. I use a saucepan with a thick bottom, so that the milk is heated evenly and does not burn.

In the bowl for whipping separates the yolks, add the rice flour and stir whisk. When the sugar has dissolved in the milk, a thin stream of iridescent hot milk to the yolks. At this point, I have been actively stir whisk mixture, if this is not done, the yolks will fold and you get an omelet.

The appearance of foam is normal.
The appearance of foam is normal.

The mixture was then filtered through a back in a saucepan. Straining can and miss, but then the mass may remain coagulated protein.

After straining in my sieve was coagulated protein
After straining in my sieve was coagulated protein

I put on medium heat, and I bring the mixture to a gurgling bubbles. All this time, stir the mixture constantly whisk to not burnt. When the mixture I looked like a thick cream, remove from heat.

Shifts into a clean container, covered with cling film and in contact tidy in a refrigerator to cool. The mixture should cool down to room temperature.

When the mixture has cooled, I whip the cream until light peaks. Then, in several stages connect the two mixtures shovel. Ice cream is almost ready.

Flipper air mass into a container and put away in the freezer. Actually, I wanted to prepare ice cream in a paper cup, but without his wife could not find them.

Important. For freezing should not be used glassware, it may burst. I was taught this in school. Imagine when freezing water expands in volume to 9%.

I was preparing ice cream in the evening, so the tasting moment came in the morning. I brewed myself a cup of strong coffee, and then all of a blur. Awoke when the entire portion has already been eaten.

Part of scoops of ice cream I poured melted chocolate
Part of scoops of ice cream I poured melted chocolate


  • Milk 5-6% 600 gr
  • Cream 33-35% 500 gr
  • Egg yolk C1 8 pc
  • Sugar 150 c
  • Rice flour (corn starch) 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • A pinch of salt

P.S. While preparing ice cream, recalled an anecdote that my childhood was telling Dad, it's just about the ice cream.

The student went on a date with a girl. No money left. The pocket-nine cents. Pass by the restaurant.

- Well, let's go to the pub? Not? Well, come on!

Pass by the theater. A student once said quickly:

- In the movies you want, no? Well, come on!

She thinks:

- Well, now the demand, always have time to say - I wish!

Suited to the pan with ice cream.

- Ice cream you want?

- Want!!!

- What are you yelling, right now, buy it!

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