Why do we not lose weight on dietary products, and sometimes gain weight.


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Good day to all and delicious weight loss!

What foods do you need to eat to lose weight?

In large supermarkets, and not only in them, even special display cases for dietary products began to be set aside, inviting everyone who was losing weight to buy slimming products.

And many are happy to fall for the tricks of marketers, buy such products in the hope of losing weight.

But are these foods really dietary?

Oftentimes, foods that are proudly called "diet" and "fitness" foods actually contain huge amounts of fast carbohydrates and fats.

Introducing more and more of these "dietary" foods into the diet, we are deceiving ourselves into thinking that we can eat such foods without limiting ourselves and we will lose weight.

But if you carefully look at the information on the packaging, and not just believe the inscriptions - "fitness", "dietary", we will see how bad everything is in these products with KBZhU.

✅Label writing is often just a marketing ploy. But information about the composition will not be superfluous.

And most importantly, we often forget the basic principle of losing weight - spend more energy than we consume with food.

Whatever foods are actually dietary, you can even overeat! And overeating is a direct path to the accumulation of fat reserves.

❗❗❗ We must remember that there are no products on which we lose weight.

There is only a deficit of calories (energy) entering the body with food.

There is a deficit - the process of losing weight is in progress. There is a surplus (overeat) - the process of fat accumulation is in progress.

For weight loss, the calorie content of our diet and the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are important.

Neither the size of the plate, nor the criticism of the dietary product, nor the portion on the plate will help you lose weight.

Controlling your eating behavior, calorie counting and calorie deficits will help you lose weight.

Minus 60 kg in 2 years on a calorie deficit (was 132 kg, now 71-72 kg)

But the general condition of the body, our health and quality of life depend on what foods our diet consists of.

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