Top 8 Reasons often eat pumpkin!


Do you like pumpkin? Not? And in vain! Pumpkin is very useful. It cleanses the blood vessels of the brain, it helps with menopause and protects the stomach! Yet...

Rendering beneficial effect on skin and hair

Pumpkin pulp contains vitamins A and C.

The first of them regulates the production of sebum, and the second has antiseptic and tightening effect.

stimulation of libido

Pumpkin good reason since ancient times is considered to be an aphrodisiac: its regular use is really a positive effect on the human reproductive system.

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Protection of blood vessels and the brain

Like all fruits and vegetables orange color, pumpkin is rich in carotenoids.
It contains a record amount of alpha and beta carotene, as well as powerful antioxidants

Help with nausea

Pumpkin seeds help fight nausea.

In folk medicine since ancient times they were used to improve the health of pregnant women suffering from toxemia.

Relief of menopause symptoms

Pumpkin seeds and pulp of vegetables contain phytoestrogens (substances that act similar to female sex hormones).

Therefore, the pumpkin is very useful for the fair sex, under the age of menopause.

The fight against intestinal parasites

Paste, made from pumpkin seeds - a popular anthelmintic.
It operates smoothly, successfully expelling from the body of intestinal parasites.

Protection against diabetes and obesity

Low-calorie pumpkin pulp (of 22 kcal per 100 grams).
Grades containing moderate amounts of sugars recommended for dietary obesity and diabetes.

Meals of boiled or baked pumpkin suitable for snacking, in cases when a person is difficult to go without food in the evenings.

Protection of stomach, kidney and liver

Pumpkin - a valuable dietary product. Its pulp has an almost neutral reaction (pH), which makes possible its use in disorders of gastric acidity.

A large number of useful for the body fat contributes to the normalization process of digestion of food and improve the functioning of the intestines.

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